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Why do we need Innovation Center in Nepal?

No developed countries in the world did get to the position they are now without giving topmost priorities for the development of science, technology, and innovation in their countries. Also, nobody can deny the fact that people are the most precious resources for the economic development of a country no matter whether it is a tiny country like Bhutan or a big country like Russia. However, the irony is that no government and political party in the 60 years’ history of modern Nepal neither practically cared about tapping the talents of its precious human resources nor gave any priority for the development of science, technology, and innovation in the country. As a result, many Nepali scientists, researchers, and innovative people left the country and are now successfully working in developed countries all over the world. The migration rate of the young Nepali innovative and creative minds has accelerated even more every year. On the other hand, the researchers, scientists, and innovators, who are still living in Nepal, have not been able to work in their capacity because of the lack of inductive environment. If a least developed country like Nepal keeps wasting and losing her creative minds in such a way, it will be very difficult to bring economic prosperity and to uplift Nepal from the list of the least developed countries to a developing country at any time in near future. This is not a sweeping statement but the fact.

The only way for keeping the precious human resources and tapping their talents for the economic development of Nepal is to involve the talented people in research and innovation activities. Therefore, there is an urgent need for the establishment of an innovation center to tap the talents and creativity of Nepali youths and scientists, to mentor their innovative ideas and help them to develop products and services for sale in the national and international market. This is the best ways to uplift Nepal from a “beggar” country to a developed country in the coming decades. As of now Nepal is one of the least developed countries and National Planning Commission of Nepal Government recently has made a vision to uplift Nepal to a developing country by 2022.


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